Massage and Reiki treatments Jolinda Cath

Massage and Reiki treatments for mental and physical health

Something we all have in common is that we are looking for well-being and happiness.
Massage and Reiki treatments are ways to contribute to your mental and physical health. They help you to improve contact with yourself and others, to feel what is going on mentally and physically, to relax, to let go of what no longer serves you and thus to be able to grow. A massage or Reiki session gives you relaxation during the treatments itself but also has effect on your long term feeling of happiness. 

My wish is to help you by using my knowledge, experiences, attention and good intention.

Why you would take a massage or Reiki treatment

If you feel you want to be more balanced
When you  like to be pampered
To release tension
When you suffer from anxiety
To dissolve ‘knots’ in your body
If you are recovering from a illness or injury

And many more reasons to give yourself  

Contact, feel, let go, grow

I offer various massage treatments, whether or not a combination of styles.  Intuition plays an important role and for that no massage session is the same. 
The Reiki treatments can be performed in different ways: you can receive a 1-on- 1 treatment of Reiki only or a combination with a relaxation massage.  Another option is a distance session for yourself or for a loved one. Hereby we do not have to be at the same location. 


A wonderful way to relax, restore and to enjoy. 
To get those fixed muscles loose and to have a moment for yourself. 
But massages offer so much more; It can prevent and cure many ailments, help with anxiety and any form of stress or physical discomfort, to stimulate the self healing process of the body. Also a massage can excrete waste out of the liquid system and activates blood circulation.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing, which uses the universal life energy to balance the body and mind. This Universal life force energy surrounds us and is within us.  A treatment will activate the natural healing processes of your body and restore physical and emotional well-being
This healing technique is based on the principle that energy is channeled into your body by laying hands on or above your body.

Jolinda Cath Massage and Reiki treatments


I started to learn and practice massages and Reiki around 25 years ago. Just for myself and to give to friends and family.
It was not until 2013 that I set up Flow-Spirit to provide treatments to others.
From that moment on, I picked up more studies and training courses in order to continue to grow and develop myself. 

I am certified in various massage techniques and am Reiki master via the Usui methode.