week 6: Me Time

To be alone & Time for yourself is important, same as having social relations, good nutrition, exercise and good night sleep.

Me Time is essential but often we find it difficult to get this done.
I think there are two elements in here:
1. It can be challenging to be alone. 
Because as soon as you are alone, your own thoughts become more audible. And sometimes those thoughts are annoying, complicated or overwhelming. You might feel restless.
2. What are you going to do? Alone! 

Why is Me Time important?
If you do not take time for yourself, you may become restless, insecure, less happy.
If you keep running around, being busy always and not taking a step back sometimes, the change is there you get stressed or even depressed or anxious.

Me Time will make you calmer, more balanced, happier, more loving and creative.
You grow and develop yourself, so ultimately you have more to offer to others.
Life becomes more fun for you, and you get a greater capacity to influence the lives of the people around you more positively.

Through 'Me Time' you will be more authentic and become the best version of yourself, wiser and a more successful person.

Having peace with yourself gives you more self-confidence, more self-knowledge and more resilience in almost all areas of your life.

If you get better with being alone, you need less confirmation from others. You know that you are okay. This way you can deal with people in an open, loving and authentic way.

And know: Time of solitude is not the same as loneliness.
If you are alone you can think better, create space for creativity and freedom to try new things.

Fact: When you are doing nothing you allow a part in your brain to become active to get insights, ideas, creativity.  As this part is suppressed if your brain is constantly burdened cognitively.

How to create more Me Time?
Please do not wait until the weekend or a holiday to give yourself rest and relaxation. A few holiday days are not enough.
Best is to take 1 or 2 hours a day for yourself!

1. Once a week, you plan your Me Time in advance.
Make an 'appointment' with yourself at the beginning of the week, and protect this appointment. Like you make an appointment for work or seeing a friend.  You decide what, when and how.

2. Besides this appointment, try to integrate small moments of me-time into your daily life.

Try to find things that inspire & improve yourself AND moments you just enjoy and relax, time to pamper yourself.
Make sure that these moments are "quality time".

Some ideas what you can do.
-Have a massage, pedicure or other nice treatment
-Go to a yoga class
-Meditate - 5 minutes a day is a great start
-Relaxing on the couch in front of the window and take a deep breath
-Practice Mindfulness
-Have your weekly 'home beauty day' with scrubs and masks
-Watch a documentary.
-Take a long walk
-Minimize something in your home, such as a closet or your clothes.(see also week 4 declutter your closet)
-Spend time in nature.
-Read a book that helps you grow.
-Write in your diary.
-Take the time to look at your own needs.
-Take the time to view your thoughts, fears and desires. write them down. This is a way you learn to make the right choices in your life.
-Think about your life, about how you can make it better. What are your goals and dreams, about what do you want in life. Also, write this down.
-View your problems with a fresh perspective, and find out if you can find new solutions
-Read articles that appeal to you, and implement the tips.
-Do something you loved to do when you were a child

Small moments:
-Drinking a cup of coffee or tea (without your phone, just doing nothing)
-Going to the shop alone.
-Walking the dog or walk anyway
-Arrive 15 min earlier at an appointment and just do nothing
-Sit or lay down and listen to some music

Inner inconveniences that you experience when you do not pay enough attention to yourself

  • No energy when you wake up.
  • You are moody often and for a long time
  • Feeling that you have no time for anything.
  • Continuous sense of failure
  • You feel undervalued.
  • Psychosomatic complaints



Wrapping up:
Me Time is not only about to relax and to pamper yourself,  it is also to get inspired, motivated.  
After a while you will also notice that you are going to make decisions that suit you.

So make 'Me Time' a priority