week 2: Brushing Mindfully

For 10 weeks, I highlight a topic that has to do with lifestyle
This week: implementing & practice mindfulness in your daily life. 

Brushing Mindfully.
With Mindfulness you are paying attention in a particular way, on purpose. 
You practice to be in the present moment and non judgmental. It involves a conscious direction of our awareness.
How often do you practice to be in the moment, to pay attention of what you do? What you feel & think?

Are you reading about it, knowing it is good for you, but not really practicing it? Or maybe only when you do yoga or when you meditate.
No worries, many people have this.
The good news: You do not have to meditate to practice mindfulness.

An easy way is to implement mindfulness in a habit you already have daily: like brushing your teeth.
Check with yourself: if you brush your teeth, do you do that with attention, in the moment? Or are you often doing other things at the same time?  And why? Saving time? Because your mind distracts you?

From today: try to use this moment as a practice of being mindful;  to be in the moment, , to be aware of what you do, feel and think.
-Be aware how you are standing; stable two feet on the ground, or half on one leg? Practice to stand still during your brushing, grounded on two legs, weight equally divided on both feet.  
-Be aware of the taste of the toothpaste. 
-How does the brush feel?  How much pressure you use.
-You brush left as long as you brush right site, what about the time for the upper part and lower part

It is just around 2 - 3 minutes each time.

Then notice what it does to you?  Maybe you discover your mind is getting more quiet as you focus on one thing. 
And when your mind wonders around, if you notice you are getting impatient or you are doing something else at the same time: just be aware of this, with no judgment, and next time you brush your teeth you just try again.

When this new habits becomes your own, this few minutes of mindfulness every day, you can extent it to other daily habits: driving your bicycle or car (for example you start to agree with yourself, to do this the first 5 minutes), or doing the dishes,  cleaning, talking on the phone..... anything. Just find something and practice.
One thing at the time,  just to be sure it is getting a new habit.