week 4: declutter your closet

Clean and clear up your wardrobe

You might have things in your closet which you did not wear or used for over a year.
But.. you probably think you still like or need them.

I had and honestly still have some cloths over 10 years old. Seriously.
What is in my mind: "Some items just need a little upkeep". "Some items are like special occasion cloths and I did not had that occasion this year, or even last 2 years, but maybe this year I will wear it".  "Some items I just love so much, as they remind me of a certain period of time or person". So I keep it. Some items are worn out but they feel so comfy.. 

In reality, decluttering gives you more space. In your head and of course your closet.
So I start cleaning up, giving away, throwing away. 

It seems there are quite some Positive things about declutter your closet:
-Gives you space in the house and mind. It will give you more freedom.
-Saves money (you buy less to make it cluttered again and what you buy is suitable)
-Gives you good feeling to give it away.
-Makes money if you sell it
-You practice detachment and to letting go.
-Insight is your preferences. 
Declutter your closet will also helps you to see what you actually prefer in your clothing. 
You might hold a bit of everything;  casual, decent, sporty and sexy.  For each moment an outfit, right? 
But it may also leave you with an undefined bunch of things you were drawn to at one time or with another person. 
-Clear choices.
When you clean up your closet you will get less items, but those are carefully chosen and the ones you love the most. You might get more insights what colors suits you best, what patterns you love, what model is the nicest. 
And last, have a night of fun with friends and exchange cloths. Friends can help you to see something still fits you well or not, and when you exchange it feels like you some something new. 

Personally, I am not that much of a shopping girl or follow fashion.  And still my closets are full.
It seems I am not that good in throwing away things. 
But what I learned by cleaning up my closet (and other things in my home), is that it really gives more space, including in my head. And a very good, and bit confronting, practice of detachment, to let go of things.  

What helps me a lot and feels really good; giving away my clothing.
At this moment I collect for Syrian refugees. If I am not wearing that shirt for a year, or it does not really fit me so well, why shall I keep it when someone else can really use it!?

Invitation to do this week:
*  get rid of at least 5 items.
And from now on: Every time you buy something new, remove another item from your closet.

When you are ready for a serious clean up, let go of 10 items or more.  
Try to plan a good swipe through your closet twice a year. 

Idea how to do declutter:
-Take everything out of the closet
-Clean the shelving, doors, floor, etc
-What you want to keep for sure, you put on one pile. The 'maybe' on another one. And third one: what you like to sell, exchange or donate.
-Hang or fold any keep clothes and put them back in the closet.  Tip:  hanging and sorting by color with most-worn items in front.
-Try on all undecided clothing. Maybe it is more easy if someone is with you. If you are not sure it fits nicely or you will wear it this year.. put it on the 'give away' pile. 
Giving is good! remember?! :-)
- Stuff that needs to get repaired; are you really going to do this? Does is cost you money? decide if you keep it and fix it this week, or throw it away. 
- Cloths you want to sell: make pictures and put online or bring to a shop. Set a deadline if it is not sold before a certain date, you donate. Don't wait to long!
-All clothing for donation: put all in bags and arrange pick up / bring it away

Getting new things.
For sure we also need new cloths sometimes, or we think we do. And it does give a happy feeling when we treat ourselves. 
It is also self nurturing. But see if you can take above into account. To make good choices. 
And what about 2nd hand shops? You visit those? Some shops are really great! 
It saves money AND you do recycle!