week 10: Give



Giving is good!  
Giving is Healthy
Giving makes you happier. 

It makes you feel good when someone is happy with what you have given. 

But there is much more: researchers suggest that giving may improve physical health and longevity.
And that it helps decrease stress, which is associated with a variety of health problems.

It is not just some hippie, 'crunching granola' stuff. No it is proven by researches. 

1.Giving makes us feel happy. 
A study found that giving money to someone else makes someone more happiness than spending it on themselves.
When you give to charities, it activates regions of your brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust, creating a “warm glow” effect.

Same when you perform five acts of kindness each week for six weeks.

Scientists also believe that altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain, producing the positive feeling known as the “helper’s high.”
(Altruism is the belief that the well-being of others is equally, if not more, important than the well-being or survival of the self).

2. Giving is good for our health.
Researches linked different forms of generosity to better health, even among the sick and elderly. It seems that giving to others increase health benefits in people with chronic illness, including HIV and multiple sclerosis.
People who provided social support to others had lower blood pressure than participants who didn’t, suggesting a direct physiological benefit to those who give of themselves.

3. Giving promotes cooperation and social connection. 
When you give to others, your generosity is likely to be rewarded by others down the line—sometimes by the person you gave to, sometimes by someone else.  Good Karma!
These exchanges promote a sense of trust and cooperation that strengthens our ties to others.
What’s more, when we give to others, we don’t only make them feel closer to us; we also feel closer to them. 

4. Giving evokes gratitude.
Research has found that gratitude is integral to happiness, health, and social bonds. It suggests that cultivating gratitude in everyday life is one of the keys to increasing personal happiness.

“When you express your gratitude in words or actions, you not only boost your own positivity but other people’s as well,”

5. Giving is contagious. 
When you give, you help someone. Also you spur a ripple effect of generosity through your community. Giving has also been linked to the release of oxytocin, a hormone (also released during sex) that induces feelings of warmth, euphoria, and connection to others. 

There are different kind of giving. 
-Money or other kind of donations to charity
-Buying a gift
-Your time & attention
-Gratitude and feedback

If you have a look at yourself: How do you give? What do you do? How often?

So....Buy some gifts, volunteer your time, donate money to charity, give away things you do not really need. Your giving is much more than just give something.
Increase your health & get your big dose of happiness!