Along with weekly classes,I organize various weekend retreats and round trips. A great way to enjoy and deepen your yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness on various beautiful and energetic places.

You can also join a yoga weekend retreat and travel individual before of after the event. I can help you to develop a package with accommodation and transfer

At this moment there are two theme retreats

  • "White Spot' yoga & mindfulness Retreat in Wadi Rum
  • Vipassana meditation & yoga retreat, Aqaba

More information about the retreats, you will find at the page: classes and retreats. 

Special week trips are designed for groups. On the left side you find different trips we offer now and had in the past. 

Two trips offered this year and for individuals to sign, are:  

  • Coaching & Yoga week in Wadi Rum and Aqaba this autumn (dates to be confirmed later) 
  • Mindfulness & yoga holiday of 8 days in the Dordogne, France (dates to be confirmed later) 

These weeks I will guide with another professional in her field


Private groups:
If you like to come with your own group, I am more than happy to assist you to design a tailor made trip for you, with your own specific program, wishes and needs for your students.

Jordan invites you to experience its many beautiful, historical and energetic places. 
Take a journey to the heart of Jordan, and discover the treasures within your own heart, as well.

Beside Petra and Wadi Rum, you have beautiful nature reserves like Feynan, Dana and Wadi Mujib. Stunning places that invite you to roll out your yoga mat.  
As well the ancient Roman city of Jerash, is worth visiting. And indulge yourself at the Dead Sea, dive in the Red Sea, trek the amazing nature preserves, walk its lovely beaches, and see the stunning red deserts.

JORDAN… the perfect place for a spiritual voyage.

 Some examples of tours designed in the past for specific groups are:
- Yoga Eco Tour of 8 days.
Daily yoga in combination with visiting the highlights of Jordan. Accommodations are 4- and 5 star hotel, eco lodges and camps. 

- Yoga & retreat of 9 days. 
Weekend retreat plus round tour with daily yoga classes in combination with visiting the highlights of Jordan. Accommodations are 3 star hotels, eco lodges and camps. 

- Yoga Pamper Tour of 9 days. 
Daily yoga in combination with visiting the highlights of Southern Jordan. Accommodations in 5 star hotel and eco camp.

- Yoga & photography trip of 14 days. 
Round tour with yoga and photography in combination visiting the most beautiful sites of Jordan. Accommodations are 3 star hotels and eco camps.