Wellness, Tourism, Welfare, Photography

I am someone who has different kind of interests.
My variety of experiences and knowledge which I gained over the last 25 years, all came together and finds its way into a full form of guidance of holistic guidance and lifestyle coaching. 

*Faculty of Social Profession: Cultural and Social Education (BA).
  With specialism Recreation, Tourism and Culture - Utrecht Holland /1996 - 1999
*Service and Health Education: Recreation Coordinator - Hoorn, Holland / 1992 - 1995



Work experience:
After my studies, I worked as a social worker with various groups for many years. 
Since 2006 I work worldwide as a tourleader for Sawadee, a Dutch travel company and started my photography company in 2008. Besides assignments and working for magazines, I used this tool in courses and workshops for specific target groups, as well during photography trips in Bhutan, India and Jordan. 

Along the tourleading, I start working in the tourism industry since 2010. 

And then in 2013, it felt the right time to follow my dreams to work as yoga and meditation teacher.
I took more training, to learn and grow more, to become an holistic health practitioner. 

Along with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, Reiki treatments, massages and coaching I am happy I can offer a wide range of tools to guide people on their personal journey. 

Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Arabic.