To create inspiring and unforgettable experiences for students, guests and tourists.
I reach this by offering comprehensive service and expertise, fulfilling the needs of guests while remaining sensitive to cultural and economic needs of local communities.
I provide single classes (yoga & meditation) and therapy (reiki, deep tissue massage), weekend retreats and round trips. And welcome other teachers to come with their own students. 


· Share the beauty of the country, its rich history and culture, its remarkable nature, historical sites and welcoming people.
· Endeavor constantly and continuously to understand and satisfy guests needs.
· Nurture mutual trust, reliability and partnership with guests and service providers.
· Offer high quality experiences at reasonable prices.
· Guarantee strict compliance with internal policies and external regulatory requirements of local agent.
· Promoting cultural preservation nd corss-cultural interaction to offer positive experiences for tourists and local population alike.

· Promote environmental and economic sustainability.
· Preserve cultural integrity.
· Foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
· Facilitate job creation and general well being among local communities.
· Adhere to fair labor and business practices.
· Provide personal attention and care.
· Create opportunities for interaction with local people, history, culture and nature.
· Offer an exciting and always growing range of activities and experiences.
· Experienced and passionate guides and teachers.