I like to make a positive contribution to someone's sense of well-being, balance and bliss.
To improve someone's Lifestyle, reduce stress and increase happiness. 
To create inspiring, motivating and unforgettable experiences in a safe setting.

I reach this by offering comprehensive service and expertise, fulfilling the needs of guests with a holistic approach, while remaining sensitive to the environment, as well cultural and economic needs of each one.

I provide individual coaching sessions & guidance, single classes (yoga, meditation & mindfulness), treatments (reiki & massages), weekend retreats and special theme holidays

By regularly working together with other teachers, we combine our knowledge and skills to achieve a broader offer, to learn from each other and to reach more people.

Core Values:
·Nurture mutual trust, safety, reliability and partnership with guests, teachers and service providers
·Offer high quality services en experiences at reasonable prices
·Endeavor constantly and continuously to understand and satisfy guests needs.
·Guarantee strict compliance with internal policies and external regulatory requirements of third parties
·Promoting cultural preservation and cross-cultural interaction to offer positive experiences for guests and local population alike

·Provide personal attention and care
·Offer a supporting, motivating and always growing range of activities and experiences
·Promote awareness for yourself, others and nature
·Improve dietary habits
·Promote environmental and economic sustainability
·Preserve cultural integrity and foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation
·Facilitate job creation and general well being among local communities
·Adhere to fair labor and business practices
·Experienced and passionate teachers  and guides