The beginning

In 2013 I founded Flow-Spirit

The common thread in my life is guiding people.
This is what makes me very happy. To create true connection and support another where needed. 

After my studies, I worked for years as a social worker with various groups. 10 years ago I became a tour-leader and started my photography company and used this tool also in special courses and workshops. 
In Jordan, I first worked in the tourism industry and after resigning this job, I felt it was time to make the step to teach yoga, meditation & mindfulness, after years of practicing myself.
Along with reiki treatments, massages and coaching I am happy I can offer a wide range of tools to guide people on their personal journey. 

With Flow-Spirit I have the wish to create the opportunity for other professionals to come to Jordan with their own groups for which I can take care of the logistics and organization.

At this moment my main focus is Jordan, and wish to expand retreats and holidays to other beautiful places in the world.
My next step is to work at a health /retreat center somewhere in Europe. And one day... to have my own center.