Starting Flow Spirit

The common thread in my life is guiding people.
Maybe it sounds somewhat cliché, but this is what makes me very happy. 
To create true connection and support another where needed. 

In all my work this was, and still is, corresponding. 

Yoga, meditation, Reiki and massage are four disciplines I have been practicing for over 25 years. 
I founded Flow-Spirit in 2013 and over the past 6 years my focus has been on teaching yoga and meditation and providing Reiki treatments and massages. And providing weekend retreats.

In order to be able to offer an extensive and more satisfactory form of guidance, I have focused on studies in the field of coaching and nutrition and became a Reiki master.

Currently I am obtaining a master level in Mindfulness. As well a Happiness Coach certification.  

More information about my background, past work, studies and certifications, you can find in the link at the left site.

And for the future.... my next step is working at a retreat center. And then, one day, running my own.