The beginning

The common thread in my life is guiding people.
This is what makes me very happy.
To create true connection and support another where needed. 

Maybe it sounds somewhat cliche, but it is true. In all the different work I have done in my life, this was and still is corresponding. 

Yoga, meditation, reiki and massage are four disciplines I have been practicing for over 25 years. 
Over the past 5 years my focus has been teaching yoga and yoga therapy. And I founded Flow-Spirit in 2013 

Additionally, I am a Life Coach, a Reiki Master and have a certificate in nutrition.
Currently I am obtaining a master level in Mindfulness. As well a Happiness Coach certification.  

Though Flow-spirit you can take single classes, participate in a retreat or go along on a theme trip.
In holistic & lifestyle coaching we compile a suitable coaching program, in which reiki and massage treatments can be included.

More information about my background and past work, you can read in the other link at the left side. 

At this moment I teach and guide mainly individuals, and working on online Lifestyle course. 
I have the aim to guide 2 weekend retreats in Jordan, as this is a beautiful country and, especially the desert, a perfect place to contemplate.
A mindfulness & yoga holiday of a week in France is is schedule.
And for the near future, I would love to offer more programs in other amazing countries.  

My next dream is to work at a wellness & health center or retreat place somewhere in Europe.
And then, hopefully, one day... to have my own center.