Teacher, Therapist, Tourleader and Organizor

I am someone who has different kind of interests and passions.  As a results of this my background is quit diverse. 
For me, all these different areas are supporting each other and one inspires the other and creates the following.   

The variety of interests, experiences and knowledge I gained over the last 25 years, all came together and found its way into a full form of guidance of lifestyle coaching and holistic guidance. 
From social work to yoga, meditation to photography, mindfulness to herbs, tourleading to massage,  breathing techniques to reiki, nutrition to coaching

Studies & Certifications 
I studied Creative Therapy and Social Cultural Development (BA) in Holland. 
I am a certified Reiki Master and Thai Massage therapist. Hatha  & Ashtaga yoga.
As well certified as a Nutritionist , Hapiness Coach and Life Coach. 
Additionally I qualified myself in yoga therapy and vipassana meditation. 
Languages I speak are Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Arabic. 

After my studies, I worked for years as a social worker with various groups. 
Since 2006 I work worldwide as a tour leader for a Dutch travel company and started my photography company in 2008. Besides assignments and working for magazines, I used this tool in special courses and workshops for specific target groups. The special photography tours were one of the best I ever guided. 
Along the tourleading, I start working in the tourism industry since 2010.
I learnt a lot however I felt working whole days at a desk is maybe not the best for me, It was time again to follow my dreams and started to work as a holistic health practitioner. 

Along with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, reiki treatments, massages and coaching I am happy I can offer a wide range of tools to guide people on their personal journey. 

And also for me, it is always a journey to grow and learn. 
I love to read and study about new subject, to deeper knowledge I have. 

About 25 years ago, I took my first step into a yoga studio. In the years that followed I started as well with Vipassana meditation and studied more about natural medicine. Around that same time, I received my 1st and 2nd degree Reiki, completed with Thai massage. Years followed, while working in other fields, doing my practice but modestly.  
Around 12 years ago, I set up my photography company. A new exciting direction following a passion I always had.  
Then around 8 years ago it felt right to make the step. To start teaching yoga and meditation. To study more in this
fascinating area of wellness and well being. And am very grateful to call myself  holistic health practitioner and lifestyle coach.  

My next step is working at a health & wellness center. And then, one day, running my own.