Eco Tourism

As I have great respect for the nature and environment of Jordan and the local population and its customs and habits, I focus myself on Eco- and Sustainable Tourism.

I am aware of the influences tourism can have on the environment and local society.

Ecotourism focuses on local culture, natural environment, volunteering, personal growth, and learning new ways to live on the planet; typically involving travel to destinations where the flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions.

Responsible ecotourism includes programs that minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment, and enhance the cultural integrity of local people. It also promotes recycling, energy efficiency and water re-use. Furthermore, it increases environmental and cultural knowledge, which, in our eyes, all contributes to your most wonderful holiday.

Sustainable tourism also means that the local population, like local guides and hotel owners, benefit of the stay of the guest. Important is increasing the well being of the local people. To bring my vision into practice, I work as much as possible with organizations that have the same policy. Furthermore, I monitor these organizations to ensure no employees are working under the age of 15.