Welcome to my site Flow-Spirit

Here you will find more information about Holistic Guidance.

We all are looking for an overall sense of well-being and happiness.
My wish is to contribute to this by offering my knowledge, experiences,  good intention and my attention.  
My passion is to help, support and motivate others where possible.

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Reiki and massage have been of great value to me since many years, and made me decide to deepen my knowledge in each topic to use it as a tool.

In every treatment and class I try to really see and feel every individual.
As someone with highly sensitive qualities, I believe one of my strengths lies here.

I like to call my services holistic guidance, as this means you look at the whole, ; it approaches every aspect of a person's life – body and mind.

Yoga classes 
The classes are based on Hatha yoga and combined with other styles of yoga, like yin, flow, vinyasa, ashtanga, yang. As well I implement breathing techniques, Vipassana meditation & awareness practice.
Classes are for groups and given privately. 

Reiki treatments and courses
A Reiki treatment will activate the natural healing processes of your body and restore physical and emotional well-being.
I provide 'one on one' treatments and distance healing sessions for people and animals.
Reiki courses and attunements are giving for level I and II.

Foot reflexology  is based on the theory that there are zones and reflexes on the feet which correspond to the glands and organs of the entire body and for that there are many benefits. 
Within this massage a wooden rod is used on certain points on the sole of the foot,  as well oil and balm on feet and lower legs.
Lymph drainage massage is a technique to stimulate and excrete waste out of the liquid system in the body. This massage works as well on the nervous system which gives the result of relaxation and releases tense muscles.  It also supports the healing process after surgery and reduces swelling and ensures better breastfeeding.
With a deep tissue massage, I combine traditional Thai pressure point techniques and intuitive & Swedish massage.  It is a very beneficial way to reduce tight muscles and pain. 
relaxation massage is a great way to pamper yourself,  relax completely and to let go of stress. Within these massages Reiki is implemented.
The Facial massage is developed from Thai Traditional Massage and includes the lymph as well. It stimulates the muscles and activates blood circulation. Session includes cleaning, masks and pressure point massages of arms and legs.
Herbal Hot Compress bag massage is a natural therapy which uses many herbs and heat. Often used as an alternative for ointments or medicine. Traditionally combined with pressure point massage and helps t relax longer and to get rid of toxins. 

All treatments are on request and at your location of choice. 

Mindfulness & Vipassana Meditation
Simply said, Mindfulness involves a conscious direction of our awareness. Vipassana meditation is the base of mindfulness and awareness training. To observe what is, at this moment, without going into the subject and without judgment. 
With a mindfulness training more background information is given and you learn how to implement mindfulness in your daily life through exercises and tools.

Private classes and workshops are available for individuals and groups. 

Workshops and retreats 
A great way to deepen your yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice is to join a workshop or a retreat. 
Currently I have three weekend retreats of 3 days each in Jordan: a White Spot retreat in Wadi Rum and Vipassana & yoga retreats in Aqaba, and diving, yoga and meditation in Aqaba. 

At this moment these week holidays are set up for Dutch speaking people only.

At Your Yearly Lifestyle
you will find information about 10 topics which can improve your lifestyle positively. I hope it will give you insights, inspiration and motivation to make (small) changes.   


Warm regards,

Jolinda Cath