Yoga classes & retreats

Weekly you can join one of the yoga classes in Aqaba.
If you like to have a private class, I can come to your house or hotel, or an other location of preference. 
Special yoga events and retreats are organized in spring and autumn.


*Weekly classes:

Intercontinental Hotel, Aqaba: 
Wednesday:     9.00 am  -  10.15 am    Hatha & Yin yoga

Janna Spa, Aqaba: (back in September)
Monday:          5.45 pm  -  7.00 pm     Hatha & Flow yoga 
Child care possibility. 

On location of choice: for private classes and treatments

The Intercontinental Hotel is located down town at the sea side. Classes will be at the terrace at the far left, next to the beach 
Janna Spa is located down town, close to Pizza hut street.

Monday evening: JD 6   - with Janna Spa membership
                         JD 7   - single class
                         JD 24 - per month 
                         JD 2  - child care per time

Wednesday morning: JD 8   - single class
                               JD 75 - 10 Times Card

10-time cards are valid 4 months valid

Private class: JD 25 per hour (depending location)

What to bring:
Comfortable cloths, towel and water if desired
Mats available at Janna Spa.
Kindly bring your own mat at the classes at Intercontinental, or request one in advance. 
After class tea or a refreshing drink is served.


Program 2018:*Workshops & retreats:

In autumn new retreats will take place. Exact dates will be confirmed soon

 "white spot"  retreat, Wadi Rum.
A "white spot" is a spot where you don't have internet, no mobile connection. This allows you cognitively unwind. Your mind has to process very little information. Your mind has little information to process. When your mind is quite, creativity emerge.During the retreat there will be many silent moments , yoga and mindfulness training.
More details can also be found at the FB event 
What to bring to this event? 

If you like to explore Jordan more, before or after the retreat, I can assist you with ideas,  transport and/or accommodation. 

 Vipassana & yoga retreat weekend at Aqaba, Red Sea
Aqaba Vipassana retreat is more than a weekend with yoga and meditation. Going into silence, even for just one day, is restorative and gives self-reflection, to nourish your body and soul and reconnect to your true self in your own time. 

In our daily life it is nearly impossible not to speak for some time, getting removed from the demands of busy-busy complicated lifestyles.  
Enjoy this weekend with morning and evening yoga practice & meditation plus individual guiding. 
For full program & prices check here 
What to bring?

Previous events in 2017:
7-8-9 December: Vipassana & yoga retreat weekend at Aqaba, Red Sea
Aqaba Vipassana retreat with yoga and meditation.

30 November - 2 DecemberBeach Yoga Weekend, Aqaba.
Join a weekend at the beaches of Aqaba, with yoga-and meditation classes and an intro to massage workshop.

2-3-4 November"white spot"  retreat, Wadi Rum.

 May: Vipassana & yoga retreat weekend at Aqaba, Red Sea

17 march - 24 march: 8 days Mindfulness & Yoga holiday
Mindfulness – and yoga retreat in Jordan. 
Check here the full program, or check the Facebook event

9-10-11 March:"white spot"  retreat, Wadi Rum

Previous events in 2016:
8-9-10 December: Silent retreat weekend at Aqaba, Red Sea

2-3 December: Pamper weekend at the Red Sea, with yoga, mindfulness & detox
Yoga at the private beach B12 at Ayla with overnight stay at Kempinski hotel 

28 -29 OctoberDiving, Yoga & Mindfulness

6, 7 and 8 October: "white spot"  retreat, Wadi Rum with New Moon.
This retreat can also be booked separately and is part is ofyoga round tour from 2 - 8 October.  

23 -24 SeptemberDiving, Yoga & Mindfulness

21-23 April
: Yoga & Awareness retreat Wadi Rum

The full program, please click HERE

10 -11 JuneDiving, Yoga & Mindfulness

1-3 OctoberYoga retreat in Wadi Rum
A special weekend with hatha yoga, meditation & awareness training

24 OctoberYoga and Breakfast at Kempinksi
Yoga class of 1,5h at the the open air terras at the 7th floor of Kempinski hotel Aqaba. 
After the class you can join us for a nice breakfast.

26-28 November: Yoga retreat Aqaba
A great yoga weekend at the Red Sea with a variety of session include yoga, meditation and awareness activities.
This retreat offers a great opportunity to go deeper into your yoga practice.