Yoga classes & retreats

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises can help you find more balance with regard to your life, your work, what your priorities are and your challenges and limitations. And to let go of what you no longer serves you.

* Yoga and Meditation lessons:
Weekly Yoga and meditation classes for groups are given during certain periods of the year.
Currently in June and July in Aqaba, Jordan.
If you prefer a private class, we will discuss the amount, times and location. 

Style of yoga.
The base lies in Hatha yoga, supplemented by other styles such as vinyasa and yin-yoga. I often implement breathing techniques, vipassana -and mindfulness meditation.
The form and intensity of the class is adjusted to your wishes and possibilities, or those of a group.
I take into account everyone's possibilities and limitations and at physical and mental challenges.
In private classes we can deepen  individual processes.

Kind of Meditation
The basis is Vipassana - mindfulness meditation. The sessions can vary from 20 - 60 minutes.
The degree of guidance during meditation is in consultation. 

€ 30 / JD 25 per hour - up to 3 people
€ 10 / JD 8 per person  for groups of 4 people and more

After class tea or a refreshing drink is served.

Possible additional costs:  travel costs and travel time,  depending on the location.
This is discussed and confirmed in advance.

What to bring:
-Comfortable clothing in which you can move easily.
-Water if desired
-Yoga mat or reserve a mat in advance.

Meditation before diving.
In cooperation with Diverse Divers we offer meditation before you sail out and /or during your day diving at the sea.
Meditation not only brings you more in the moment, what increases your joy when you are under water, it also:
-It improves your breathing
-Eases your mind
-Relaxes your body
-Improves your concentration
-Let you enjoy your dive more

Time: Morning time before you sail out
        On request before each dive when you are at the sea
Price: JD 7.50 per person by 4 people or more
         JD 30 per group up to 3 people
Location: On board of the Diversity, at the harbor of Aqaba and/or Red Sea
Dates: On request

For who: Beginners to experienced divers and meditators 

*Workshops & retreats
At this moment I developed 3  theme weekend retreats. Both are giving in Jordan at this moment. 
Any of below programs can be booked privately.
I have developed 3 types of weekend retreats and 2 week holiday retreats.
The weekend retreats will take place in Jordan in spring and autumn in 2019.
The special Yoga & Mindfulness vacations are planted for 2020 and are held in Jordan and France.

Any of below programs can also be booked privately.

1. "white spot"  retreat, Wadi Rum.
A "white spot" is a spot where you don't have internet, no mobile connection. This allows you cognitively unwind. Your mind has to process very little information. Your mind has little information to process. When your mind is quite, creativity emerge.During the retreat there will be many silent moments , yoga and mindfulness training.
More details can also be found at the FB event 
What to bring to this event?  

2. Vipassana & yoga retreat weekend at Aqaba, Red Sea
Aqaba Vipassana retreat is more than a weekend with yoga and meditation. Going into silence, even for just one day, is restorative and gives self-reflection, to nourish your body and soul and reconnect to your true self in your own time. 

In our daily life it is nearly impossible not to speak for some time, getting removed from the demands of busy-busy complicated lifestyles.  
Enjoy this weekend with morning and evening yoga practice & meditation plus individual guiding. 
For full program & prices check here 
What to bring?

3. Diving, Yoga & Mindfulness
Together with Diverse Divers we organize a special weekend with diving, yoga & mindfulness.
We will be at sea during the day and moor at the port in the evening.
We offer different programs:

A day program
1 hour of yoga and / or meditation in the morning
1 hour of yoga and / or meditation in the evening

Multiple days program:
Combination package with yoga and meditation lessons in the morning, between diving and in the evening.
You can find the full program here Hier 

Can also be booked for private groups.


Autumn program will be published soon.



Yoga & mindfulness holiday retreats
In collaboration with other teachers we have developed 2 yoga & mindfulness journeys.

The next one is scheduled for 2020. Data is coming.

-8 day Yoga & Mindfulness journey "from Full Mind to Mindful" - France
-8 day yoga & mindfulness vacation - Jordan

In these weeks you will experience how you can optimize your life with yoga and mindfulness meditation.
During these weeks there is enough time to enjoy your free time.