Yoga classes & retreats

Group classes and private group- and individual classes are given on various locations and periods of time.  

Private classes are booked in advance and given on location of preference. 
Special yoga, mindfulness and meditation retreats are organized in spring and autumn, in Jordan

Yoga and/or  Meditation classes:

Private class: € 30 / JD 25 per hour (up to 3 people)
Private group class: € 10 / JD 8 per person (4 and more people) 

*prices are exclude travel time and costs. 

After class tea or a refreshing drink is served.

What to bring:
Comfortable cloths, towel and water if desired
If you do not have a mat, I can provide you one. 

Group class Woman only, Janna Spa, Aqaba, Jordan.
In June and July 2019,  yoga on every Sunday and Tuesday

Time: 17.30 - 18.45
Price: JD 7 single class /  JD 40 for 7 classes once a week / JD 70 for 14 classes, twice a week
Location: Janna Spa

Meditation before diving.
In cooperation with Diverse Divers we offer meditation before you sail out and /or during your day diving at the sea.
Meditation not only brings you more in the moment, what increases your joy when you are under water, it also:
-It improves your breathing
-Eases your mind
-Relaxes your body
-Improves your concentration
-Let you enjoy your dive more

Time: Morning time before you sail out
        On request before each dive when you are at the sea

Price: JD 7.50 per person by 4 people or more
         JD 30 per group up to 3 people
Location: On board of the Diversity, at the harbor of Aqaba and/or Red Sea
Dates: On request

For who: Beginners to experienced divers and meditators 

Workshops & retreats
At this moment I developed two theme retreats of each three days. 
Both are giving in Jordan at this moment. 

Any of below programs can be booked privately.

 "white spot"  retreat, Wadi Rum.
A "white spot" is a spot where you don't have internet, no mobile connection. This allows you cognitively unwind. Your mind has to process very little information. Your mind has little information to process. When your mind is quite, creativity emerge.During the retreat there will be many silent moments , yoga and mindfulness training.
More details can also be found at the FB event 
What to bring to this event? 

If you like to explore Jordan more, before or after the retreat, I can assist you with ideas,  transport and/or accommodation. 

Vipassana & yoga retreat weekend at Aqaba, Red Sea
Aqaba Vipassana retreat is more than a weekend with yoga and meditation. Going into silence, even for just one day, is restorative and gives self-reflection, to nourish your body and soul and reconnect to your true self in your own time. 

In our daily life it is nearly impossible not to speak for some time, getting removed from the demands of busy-busy complicated lifestyles.  
Enjoy this weekend with morning and evening yoga practice & meditation plus individual guiding. 
For full program & prices check here 
What to bring?

Program 2019:
Exact dates autumn will be confirmed soon


Previous events and examples theme weekends: 

Beach Yoga Weekend, Aqaba.

Pamper weekend at the Red Sea, with yoga, mindfulness & detox
Yoga at the private beach B12 at Ayla with overnight stay at Kempinski hotel 

Diving, meditation and yoga