Welcome to my site Flow-Spirit

Here you will find more information about yoga, meditation, mindfulness, coaching, Reiki & massage.
A variety of ways I use to guide people.
Everyone makes their own (inner) journey at their own pace. My passion is to contribute during this discovery journey.

Why the name Flow Spirit?
You often hear: "Go with the flow". It sounds so nice, so easy... just go with the flow. Follow what life brings. 
I started to think about this more deeply and wondered what does it really mean and how do you do this?  What kind of "flow" I have, or not. What do I want. What can I do and what makes me happy. 

I think it is a process many of us have. We want to 'be in the flow", to be happy. To have no worries. 
Than the word "spirit": It is inside us, around us, everywhere. But sometimes it stagnates at bit. We maybe are a bit lost. 

In my own quest it became clear what I already knew: It makes me happy to help others. 
I want to support people in their process to reconnect to their Flow, to reduce stress and to help understand where this stress comes from. That someone can continue on his or her "energetic journey".

Yoga, meditation, reiki and massage are four disciplines I have been practicing for more than 20 years. And I wanted to use this in guiding and supporting others. And so I set up Flow-Spirit.
The last few years I have been specializing myself more in yoga, mindfulness, massage and coaching by taking various training and I became a reiki master
And because of this, I am more in my own Flow as well. 

With Aqaba as my current home, I do my treatments, classes & retreats especially in Jordan.

Weekly yoga classes are given in Aqaba at different locations and times. The classes find their basic in Hatha yoga. Practice is specific to each individual participant’s needs and abilities. I implement Vipassana meditation & awareness practice as well pilates.
Private classes, reiki and massage treatments are provided on location or at someone's home.  

Workshops and retreats are a great way to deepen your practice and offered at various locations in Jordan, mainly in spring and autumn . 
At this moment I have two theme retreats of 3 days each: a
 White Spot retreat in Wadi Rum and a Vipassana & yoga retreats in Aqaba. 

If you like to have a longer holiday, I can assist you with a suitable program, before or after your retreat. Or you can join one of the round tours , where you discover the beauty and mysteries of this intriguing country and the treasures within your own heart. 
At this moment special week holidays are set up for Dutch speaking people. 

If you are a teacher, and you like to come to Jordan with your own students, I look forward to help you to facilitate your event. 


Jolinda Cath